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May 10, 2023

A Jolt of Inspiration, Indeed!

Program Director Alison Green Myers opened this #HFGather with an inspiring mini-keynote celebrating this creative life, with echoes back to the Highlights Foundation’s first summer writers’ workshop at the Chautauqua Institution and reflections on moving the summer camp experience to the Barn at Boyds Mills.

First, the History: “Rich and Righteous Lectures”

Alison said that creative magic (in the form of rich and righteous lectures, generous mentorship, and community) continues in our Summer Camps today.

A Celebration of How We Do This Together with 3 Camp Alums

After this powerful beginning, Highlights Foundation Marketing Director Christina Ousouljoglou took over.  She explained how while inspiration can remind of us why we do this hard job of creating for kids, being together is practically how we get through the ups and downs of this industry (and this life).

She then introduced three panelists: Daria PeoplesHarlan DeChamps and Judie Offerdahl. All three are alums of Summer Camp, and shared their experiences of togetherness with the group: mentorship, community, and support–all gleaned from Summer Camp and beyond.